It's a drabble, but it's SOMETHING!

Title: The Last Goodbye

Author: Sterling Dragonfly

Pairing: Brian/Justin

Rating: G

Disclaimer: The wonderful folks of QAF don't belong to me; if they did, I'd be SO happy!!!


He hates goodbyes, Brian thinks as he gives one last, loving caress down sleek curves before walking away. He refuses to look back, afraid of the likelihood he'd change his mind. He squares his shoulders, takes a deep breath and heads quickly out of the door.


Justin watches Brian with fond exasperation. Brian has always accused him of being a drama queen, but Brian's flair for theatrics beats his any day of the week. Justin shakes his head and follows Brian outside.


The two grinning lovers drive away in Brian's new Porsche, leaving the Corvette behind at the car lot.