Tropical Storm Fay (who might be a hurricane by tomorrow) wants to visit DisneyWorld, so it looks as though it's going to be a little bit rough around here.

We've stocked up on everything we need, mostly. I'll stop by the grocery store tonight to pick up the few last-minute things. I'm going to meet Hubby at Home Depot at lunch to decide if we want to buy a generator. We were without electricity an average of two days per hurricane in 2004 (three different storms) and it was miserably hot. I want to be able to run our window AC unit to keep cool, plus the refrigerator.

One good thing about these storms is we were forced to slow down our lives. No computers, no TV, no running around to various events. We played cards and board games until even the kids were sick of them, but we really had a good time.

Wish us luck!