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Does anyone have any ideas for Christmas presents for a 15 year old girl? I haven't got a clue, other than the fact she's too old for Barbies.


Music! Giftcards to music stores, the movies, cool places to shop--trust me speaking from experience, nothing you pick for a 15 year old will be quite right--gift cards packaged in some clever way is probably the best way to go!

Hey lovey! *hug* Nice surprise!!
Any kind of gift card! Even Target has them. If you feel like you have to give a package, its tough without knowing what she likes ie. does she only wear black, does she have an ipod, or a playstation or playstation portable, etc. Also if she has a pre-paid phone card for her cell phone, you can buy her minutes for the phone -- it never goes to waste!
Makeup, handbags, accessory gift cards (like for earrings or whatnot). Does she have any favorite stores? iTunes or other music?
It really depends on what she's interested in.

Gift cards to stores like Victoria's Secret, Claire's (inexpensive jewelery store), or Borders, etc.

If you want an actual, physical present to hand her, that's a bit harder because tastes vary and at that age, what they like one day, they may not the next. I do remember having no idea what to get my nieces at that age and settling on some gorgeous kimono-styled robes. In other words, not something they'd tend to ask for or buy themselves, but something they'd still use.
These are great ideas. In addition, I would add stores like FYE, Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works.

In addition, if she uses cosmetics, MAC has some wonderful travel cosmetics cases and they are very nice-looking MAC-black.
iPOD holder, if she has iPOD of course, or iPOD skin whatever the name they use, the one which is with water resistance and other stuff. They quite expensive (around 30 dollars), I don't think 15 year old can afford it without help*)
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Well, what kind of girl is she? A girly girl or a tomboy? Music is always good ,clothes too, if she's into sports go with it. It's not really difficult.
I agree with the gift card idea. It no longer means that you didn't spend adequate time finding a "real gift"; it means that the girl gets all the fun out of spending it on whatever she really wants. Most 15 year old non-trustafarians are strapped for cash as it is. It's also a good idea to get one that doesn't lock her into just one store, like a Visa or Amex gift card. I always give gift cards along with a stocking-stuffer type gift just to make a nice presentation out of it.
Ask her sibling, if she has one, what she likes to do. Then get her a gift certificate so she can choose for herself. If all else fails, a gift certificate to a music store will work - kids that age always need more CD's.
I've been sending my friend's two daughters both much older then my daughter and living on the other side of the country, a Christmas ornament each year for maybe ten years or more. We include a little piece of jewelry or a scarf we pick out at our local, every Saturday, antique fair.

Also, I work at a bookstore and a lot of customers buy a book, maybe something they liked at the age of the kid their buying for, and then include a gift card, along with the gift receipt, which works for us because once we have the gift card recipient, and their parents, in the store, we can almost always get them to buy more but no more then what's absolutely necessary...honest.
Does she have pierced ears? You could buy her earings.