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All right, I'm bored. Anyone want to recommend a really, really good fanfic for me? Possibly something new in the past few months?

QAF (B&J only), Smallville (Clex), Harry Potter (Snarry) or Stargate Atlantis (McShep) are the fandoms I'm into.

Please, only happy endings - my life's been emotional enough lately without any additional angst.

Thanks oodles!!!!!!
morganichele and I wrote a happy ending Clex that's an AU (they dance). It's an NC-17.

You know, I can always think of good stories until someone wants recs. lol But I got a few:

QAF - slave_o_spike has some really odd/funny stories, quite a few boardering on crackfic. But if you need a laugh... they're good for that. Her fic listing is here: http://slave-o-spike.livejournal.com/55958.html

For Smallville... soooo many, but definitely anything by danceswithgary.

If you like slutty Kal - roxymissrose's "A Young Kryptonian's Travels Or, Into The Woods". Seriously... each update fills my heart with so much joy and laughter. :D The parts are here: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=roxymissrose&keyword=A%20Young%20Kryptonian&filter=all
I updated my Lex/Clark/Chloe series a few months ago. Here's the link:

Karma by Mickiebg It's QAF post-post 513, in character, you see the growth and it is seamless. The best post 513 I've ever read. It's 30 chapters, which is fine by itself but she'll be posting the first chapter of a sequel later today or tomorrow I think.

I couldn't completely love this story more. At first I thought it was going to be something different than what it was but it blended so perfectly and became a fic that was better than I ever imagined it to be.

Another great QAF fic, this one AU is Pulse Point by xie.


Six chapters of great powerful emotion and porn! Brian's a doctor, Justin's a paramedic. Soooo good.

Enjoy the reading, Rory Harold
Whoops, got so caught up in my love for Karma I forgot to actually post the link! heehehe

You might check out the Gus Diaries http://shadownyc.livejournal.com/145608.html
Forgot to mention there are 7 chapters so far.
Have you read lastglances' AU series? she's a really great writer.
Okay, it's not McShep... But, this is the sweetest mostly Lorne-centric series. I don't know if you've seen it before, but it's Lorne (SGA)/ Ianto (Torchwood). And, I totally blame you for my brand new Torchwood and Doctor Who obsession. (David Tennant is so adorable!~!!)

There are three or four stories in this story-verse.

If you're still looking for Clex fic, Teot has a great new story: