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Here's a rather interesting link to a website about the catacombs of Palermo, Italy.  The site has photos of various corpses in the catacombs, including one extremely well-preserved mummy of a five-year old girl named Rosalia Lombardo.

You're right, it was very interesting. The bodies of the children I found very poignant -- and a little disturbing. But like driving a car accident, you just have to look.

I hope you're doing well.

Been to the catacombs below Paris but that is just skeletons stacked on top of each other, though done symmetrically. This Italian one looks interesting.
How are things with you? I hate to hear what happened to you and hope your health is holding steady
That is really cool... But, then again, I have odd interests. Fantastic link, and another place on the list of places to go eventually.
very interesting and perfect for the season, I just can't imagine wanting to do something like that to myself or to want to see my child in that way. In my family, it's all about cremation, once you're dead, it's time you stop taking up valuable space.