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I get so caught up in the daily struggles of my illness - diet, feeling sick after dialysis, exhaustion - that I sometimes forget the reasons I'm bothering to go through with the treatment.

I'm going to try to remember every day at least one reason I get up in the morning.

Today's reason:

Two teenaged sons who let their mother hug and kiss them (even in public!), and even hug and kiss her back.
demonstrative children is definitely something to cherish. i adore every hug and 'i love you' i can get from my daughter. your sons are terrific.

take very good care of yourself.

I think those two teens are an excellent reason to focus on getting/staying healthy.
Awww, beautiful reason's.
I think your boys are wonderful. I hope your treatment goes as well as it can. :)
Yay for loving kids... ::sending virtual hugs::