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Tropical Storm Fay (who might be a hurricane by tomorrow) wants to visit DisneyWorld, so it looks as though it's going to be a little bit rough around here.

We've stocked up on everything we need, mostly. I'll stop by the grocery store tonight to pick up the few last-minute things. I'm going to meet Hubby at Home Depot at lunch to decide if we want to buy a generator. We were without electricity an average of two days per hurricane in 2004 (three different storms) and it was miserably hot. I want to be able to run our window AC unit to keep cool, plus the refrigerator.

One good thing about these storms is we were forced to slow down our lives. No computers, no TV, no running around to various events. We played cards and board games until even the kids were sick of them, but we really had a good time.

Wish us luck!

Best of luck!
Well, I'm in the same boat you are....kind of:) We are in Orlando on vacation.
My timeshare is Westgate TownCenter(do you know the area?) it's 2 1/2 miles from Disney.
This will be the third or fourth time we were in Florida during a Tropical storm/Hurricane.
The last time for me was 2004 with Hurricane Charley. We were without power for about 24 hours!!!! It was so horribly hot then, so the entire clan RAN to WDW b/c they had power;0)lol!
We are NY'ers we HAVE to HAVE AC! lol!

I'm praying FAY misses us b/c this time we have our friends here, and they have 8 month old triples ! So this storm has mommy and daddy a bit nervous!

Well, take care.........we are off to get water and candles(just in case)

Take care. I'll be thinking of you.
Me too. I am just north of Orlando, in Eustis. I live in manufactured housing, so they will not let us stay. I had eye surgery this morning and don't know what I will do if I have to leave. I can barely see, and have no place to go. My 2 doggies cannot go to the shelters as they will not stay in cages.
I hope you all have an easy time and enjoy the relaxation and slower lifestyle.
Where in FL are you? We're in Wellington, near West Palm Beach and we're waiting to see which way it turns and how much we'll get. We're all stocked up too. Costco and Home Depot were crazy on the weekend. I did my shopping (mainly for water and canned soup) on Friday when the stores were empty!

We lost power for 4 days with Frances, and 2 with Jean. Wilma was bad, but we had our accordian shutters installed 2 days before. Best investment we ever made.

And to top it off, today was the first day of school. My son (he's 13) is already assuming he won't have school tomorrow. We'll see. He's going to charge up the battery on his laptop, PSP, and portable DVD player so he at least has a couple of hours of entertainment! My husband is hoping he doesn't miss too much of the Olympics!

As for me, give me a flashlight and a book and I'm good.

Good luck fellow Floridian! :-)
good luck, i hope you won't lose power. i know a snow storm is no match for a hurricane but when i lived in boston, we lost power constantly and it was freezing in the house. if i ever lived in a climate like that again i would definitely have a generator.